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Digital library contains all necessary information for jobseekers and fresh-graduated specialists. Visit our Reference collection that includes Career free books storage. There is perfect chance for students to think seriously about their future job and recommendations from HR experts for professionals who are searching for good vacancies.
Find out more than 150 titles of professions with descriptions. If you are young student it will help you to make up mind about job opportunities. Each title includes rates of salary and career development possibility.
If you have already decided to work in relations and advertising field then surely you need to obtain additional skills and knowledge. Free ebooks will provide you with both. You will have source of information about current situation on the market and behind-the scene evidences that is really important to take final decision. 
There are perfect free manuals for parents and students. Editions contain data about all existing for the present moment professional fields. You will have access to range of grants, scholarships and prizes. Choose direction and study how to reach goals in career step by step, and how to set new targets.    
For more particular cases there are free e-books with detailed descriptions of requirements and obligations to certain vacancy. For example, let’s discover essential functions and duties for the probation officer jobs
As you can see it’s very important for probation officer to be physically capable because he must effectively to deal with convicted criminal offenders in case of physical attacks. He should have good distance vision and be able to read normal size print. 
There are no chances to be hired for applicants older than 37 or who have before problems with law enforcement. Perspective probation officer should pass medical examination and drug screening, to present successful completion of the background investigation.

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